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Tackling Depression: The Most Common Global Illness

29th May 2012

Tackling Depression - Alistair Campbell

According to the World Health Organisation, depression leads the causes of disability (measured by years lost due to disability) and is predicted to move from fourth to second place in contributing to the global burden of disease. Within the UK, whether in Downing Street or Camden Street no one has an absolute barrier to this condition.

Most of us know someone or have friends or family, who suffer from depression, yet we rarely speak about it, creating a false impression that the less we talk about it the safer we are from acquiring it.

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Alistair Campbell
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair's spokesman and author of The Happy Depressive
  Professor Michael King
Professor of Primary Care Psychiatry, UCL Mental Health Sciences Unit


Professor Anthony Costello
Director of the UCL Institute for Global Health and Head of the UCL Centre for International Health & Development


Dr Sushrut Jadhav
Senior Clinical Lecturer, UCL Mental Health Sciences Unit
  Dr Fiona Butler
London GP

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