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Film - Mountain Patrol

UCL Grand Challenges: Human Wellbeing

12th February 2013, 7pm

UCL Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre, Wilkins Building, Gower Street, WC1 Map

Mountain Patrol (Kekexili 可可西里, 2004)
Q and A with Director:  Lu Chuan 陆川
Introduced by Asher Tlalim  (NFTS)


In China’s biggest ‘no man’s land’ – a visually astounding and environmentally harsh wilderness that stretches over 45,000 square kilometres – we witness the true story of a Beijing photojournalist sent to report on the poaching of indigenous antelopes by local Tibetans, who have just killed a patrolman. A group of Tibetan volunteers band together in 1993 to patrol the Kekexili region of Tibet and ward off poachers but can only issue fines and confiscate pelts, which they then have to sell on the black market to support the patrol. When another patrolman is found murdered, they step up the chase and capture a group of men who work for the poachers as skinners, not ruthless or evil criminals but ordinary people who have only this as a means of sustenance. This is a powerful tale of the struggle for survival set against the backdrop of the bleakly beautiful Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. 

Based on the tension and circumstances that surround China’s control of Tibet, with the interesting note of the participation of the official Chinese press reporting the original true story, director Lu Chuan gives us a multifaceted account of a controversial reality.

Part of the Festival of Chinese Film and the Body 2012

Organised with Patrizia Liberati, PhD candidate at Peking University.

Running up to Chinese New Year 2013, the UCL China Centre for Health and Humanity will be showing a season of recent Chinese films related to the UCL Grand Challenges themes: Global Health, Intercultural Interaction, Sustainable Cities and Human Wellbeing. The screenings will be presented by three film specialists. Where possible, they will also feature Q & As with the directors.

All the screenings are open, free of charge, to all members of UCL and registered Friends of UCL CCHH. To become a Friend, please click here.

The Festival forms part of the new CCHH course Chinese Film and the Body.
For details of the course, please click here.

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