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Global Food Security

Creating resilience in the face of catastrophic climate change

Friday 8th February 2013 9am – 5pm

Denys Holland Lecture Theatre
UCL Faculty of Laws, Bentham House, Endsleigh Gardens, WC1H 0EG

Climate change has already affected global crop yields by altering the environmental conditions that are essential for agricultural production. Across the world, nutrition and livelihoods of the two billion farmers who rely on subsistence agriculture are expected to be the most negatively affected by this, despite having contributed the least to climate change. However, the links between food production, health and the environment remain largely unexplored. Multi-disciplinary collaboration is urgently required to enhance local resilience to climate change and environmental degradation, promote sustainable agriculture, and improve nutritional outcomes.

This symposium is an opportunity to bring together expertise in health, policy, agriculture, ecosystems and climate science to explore and debate these linkages.

  • Environmental challenges in the global South: what are the solutions?
  • Perspectives on environmental pressure from Malawi, India, Bangladesh and Nepal.
  • Conservation agriculture: the solution to food insecurity?
  • Perspectives in relation to agriculture, extreme citizen science and women’s groups.
  • Climate change and food: are we heading for a catastrophe?
  • Global food policy: the challenges
Eventbrite - Global Food Security: Creating resilience in the face of climate change

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