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The End of Poverty? The Post 2015 Agenda and Global Health

David Hume

David Hulme

Professor David Hulme asked whether post-2015 is an opportunity to promote the end of poverty, and global health, or whether mistakes of the Millennium Development Goals process are set to be repeated. 

When the Millennium Development Goals were established, all UN member states committed themselves to achieving them by the year 2015. As that year approaches, the question is how far the MDGs contributed to the global eradication of poverty; and what might be done differently post-2015?. Will the public be engaged – as they were during anti-slavery and anti-apartheid movements – or will the process be seen as an international compromise by global policy elites?

Professor David Hulme, Professor of Development Studies, University of Manchester; Executive Director Brooks World Poverty Institute

Dr Michael Walls, Development Planning Unit, University College London Professor Nora Groce, Director and Chair Leonard Cheshire Disability and Inclusive Development Centre, University College London

Chair: Mike Rowson 

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