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WHO launch global TB-IPD platform hosted by UCL

1 February 2023

The publicly accessible global individual patient data (IPD) platform for tuberculosis treatment (TB-IPD) will support the learning and development of the field of TB treatment. It is supported by the WHO Global TB Programme and maintained by UCL.

TB-IPD platform website page

The TB-IPD platform is a secure data platform that aims to contain individual records with treatment outcomes of over 50,000 TB patients in 2023. The platform will allow for the consolidation of TB treatment outcomes in a secure open data setting to increase and strengthen the field of TB treatment. 

“UCL are delighted to host this new TB-IPD platform. We believe this will be an invaluable resource for the TB field worldwide, allowing researchers to reuse and repurpose data in order to maximize the potential of TB research. The project symbolizes UCL’s commitment to Open Science and Open Scholarship”, said Professor Ibrahim Abubakar, Dean of the Faculty of Population Health Sciences, UCL.

The platform encourages secure and open data learning and future public calls for data will continuously enhance the TB-IPD database.

Dr Lele Rangaka (IGH) and Ruth Goodall (ICTM) are the UCL leads on the project. 

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Visit the TB-IPD platform for data access requests, data contribution and further information.