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Mentoring Schemes

Find out more about the mentoring schemes offered by IGH and the Faculty for Population Health Sciences.

Faculty of Population Health Sciences Mentor Scheme

FPHS offers a cross-institute mentoring scheme.

The scheme aims to:

  • Promote awareness of mentorship and its benefits for mentors and mentees
  • Develop and provide training where needed 
  • Help to establish and maintain positive mentorship relationships
  • To take part in this scheme you will need to attend a training session or complete the online training on Moodle. This training outlines the benefits of mentoring and how to become a mentee and/or mentor on the scheme with some guidance for fruitful mentoring relationships. Would be mentors are also required to familiarise themselves with UCL's Let's Talk About Race and Racism Toolkit.

You will then have the option to find a mentor yourself through the FPHS Mentoring Moodle Platform, or be matched directly to a mentor. 

For more information visit the GOS ICH Mentoring Focus Group page.

IGH ECR Peer Coaching

As part of the IGH ECR Peer Group, we have set up an ECR peer coaching scheme where ECRs (self-defined) support one another through work-related challenges using the GROW model which focuses on Goals, Realities, Options and Way forward. We meet once every two months. Please contact Laura Brown (laura.brown@ucl.ac.uk) or Hattie Lowe (hattie.lowe@ucl.ac.uk) if you'd like to join our group.

B-MEntor Scheme

B-MEntor Academic and Professional are two well-established mentoring programmes that offer a unique platform for BAME academic, research and professional services staff to strengthen their skills and improve their networking capability through cultivating cross-institutional relationships.

Would you like to be a mentors or mentee participating in our cross-institutional mentoring schemes for Academic, Research and Professional Services staff from Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds?

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B-MEntor Professional Mentoring Scheme

B-MEntor Academic Mentoring Scheme

ICH Online Mentoring Training

Complete ICH Online Mentoring Training. Please contact laura.brown@ucl.ac.uk or l.rangaka@ucl.ac.uk for the course enrolement key.