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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) are central to the research, training and professional culture of the Institute for Global Health (IGH).

All members of the institute are responsible for considering EDI in their professional lives and working environments, and all members have the right to expect equality of opportunity and treatment within the institute.

Athena Swan Award

Athena swan silver award
IGH was successfully awarded a Silver Athena Swan award in 2018. The Athena SWAN Charter covers women, trans and non-binary people, and men where appropriate who are in academic and professional staff roles in STEMM (science, technology, engineering, maths, medicine) and AHSSBL (arts, humanities, social sciences, business, law). The charter covers these staff groups in relation to representation, progression of students into academia, journey through career milestones and working environment for all staff. 

Following this process, the IGH EDI executive group was formed with a remit to provide broad strategic leadership on EDI within the institute and beyond. The EDI executive group aims to achieve this leadership role by embedding a culture of participation and inclusivity for all staff and students, as well as regularly reviewing practices and evaluating individual- and institute-level data to ensure positive change is implemented. 

The IGH EDI executive group has formal terms of reference. One key role of the group is to design, implement and analyse the IGH annual staff survey. A second key role is to design, deliver and monitor progress on implementation of the IGH Athena SWAN Silver Award Action Plan 2018-2021 and subsequent plans, including any future Athena SWAN applications. The group also organizes events to raise the profile of EDI within IGH and beyond.

The IGH EDI executive group reports regularly to the IGH Senior Management Team, and liaises with, but is independent of, the central UCL EDI group

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IGH Champions at UCL's Inclusion Awards 2022

In July, our colleagues Asma Ashraf and Stephen Roberts were awarded the Championing LGBTQ+ Inclusion Award at UCL’s Inclusion Awards 2022.

The award recognises an individual or team’s effort to champion LGBTQ+ inclusion into mainstream work, delivering a more inclusive experience for LGBTQ+ staff and students.

Find out how they have been championing LGBTQ+ Inclusion across UCL.