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Global Health

This thematic explores how policy interventions at different levels, from global to local, can best be aligned and reframed to tackle persistent and emerging health issues and their determinants.

A hospital in Madagascar
Global health is one of the major and most fashionable global public policy issues of our age, having become a major philanthropic target and a crucial component of foreign policy for most western governments. This research thematic draws upon the expertise of various UCL units to respond to two separate but related imperatives: firstly, to rethink policy rationales and models in light of sustainable development goal (SDG) 3, focusing particularly on how policy at different levels (from the global to the local) can best be aligned to deal with persistent and emerging health issues and; secondly, to advance discussion on the concept of local health, as a complementary lens to global health literatures and a new and important opportunity for inclusive and sustainable contribution by low-and-middle-income countries (LMICs) to the health security of their populations and globally.

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