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Climate Formations: Geopolitics and the History of Climate Governance

26 January 2021, 5:15 pm–6:30 pm

Solar Panels

Join us for a virtual keynote lecture with Dr Bentley B. Allan who will provide a historical perspective on the development of global climate politics.

This event is free.

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Julia Kreienkamp

The global politics of climate change has entered a new phase. Decades of prevarication and hesitation have given way to the early stages of a green industrial race. Countries are now competing to occupy strategic positions in the new global green economy. Climate politics is merging with geopolitics. This talk will place these developments in historical perspective to show how the climate has been shaped by configurations of nature, knowledge, and geopolitics. By tracing the history of these climate formations from the 19th century to the present we can explain the failures of climate governance in the past and better understand the opportunities and challenges of the coming energy transition.

About the Speaker

Bentley B. Allan

Bentley Allan
Bentley B. Allan is Associate Professor of Political Science at Johns Hopkins University. He is currently on leave serving as the Associate Director of the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) in Victoria, BC, Canada. At PICS, Bentley helps to co-produce and mobilize knowledge that will be used directly by public and private actors including governments, First Nations, businesses, and civil society organizations. Bentley’s academic work has focused on the history and theory of international order, science and politics, and the political economy of climate policy. His book, Scientific Cosmology and International Orders (Cambridge University Press, 2018), won the American Political Science Association’s Don K. Price Award for the best book in Science, Technology, and Environmental Politics. He has published articles in Nature Climate Change, International Organization, International Studies Quarterly, Review of International Political Economy, and more. He is currently working on a book manuscript entitled, Climate Formations: Nature, Knowledge, and Geopolitics in the History of Climate Governance.