Global Governance Institute



Our staff and thematic directors collaborate with colleagues across UCL to advance research on key global governance issues, organise public events and engage with the policy community.

GGI Team July 2019
Institute Staff
GGI Director David Coen
David Coen
Tel: 020 7679 4967
Email: d.coen@ucl.ac.uk       
GGI Deputy Director Tom Pegram

Deputy Director    
Tom Pegram
Tel: 020 3108 9291
Email: t.pegram@ucl.ac.uk    

Research Fellow
Kyle Herman
Tel: TBC
Email: k.herman@ucl.ac.uk
GGI Research Assistant Julia Kreienkamp
Research Assistant 
Julia Kreienkamp 
Tel: 020 3108 9290
Email: j.kreienkamp@ucl.ac.uk
Thematic Directors
Global Security
Zeynep Bulutgil
Tel: 020 7679 4772
Email: z.bulutgil@ucl.ac.uk

Global Security
Manuel Vogt
Tel: 020 7679 4725
Email: m.vogt@ucl.ac.uk

Barnali Choudhury - Thematic Director Global Justice and Ethics
Global Justice and Ethics  
Barnali Choudhury
Tel: 020 3108 8321
Email: b.choudhury@ucl.ac.uk
Julius Mugwagwa - Thematic Director Global Health

Global Health
Julius Mugwagwa  
Tel: 020 3108 9750
Email: j.mugwagwa@ucl.ac.uk

Global Environmental Sustainability 
Georgina Mace
Tel: Tel: 020 3108 7692
Email: g.mace@ucl.ac.uk
Academic Steering Board
Kristin Bakke - Thematic Director Global Security
Kristin Bakke
Professor of Political Science and International Relations 
UCL Political Science
E: kmbakke@ucl.ac.uk
Richard Bellamy - Academic Steering Board
Richard Bellamy  
Professor of Political Science
UCL Political Science
E: r.bellamy@ucl.ac.uk 
Jason Blackstock - Academic Steering Board
Jason Blackstock
Associate Professor of Science and Global Affairs
E: jason.blackstock@ucl.ac.uk 
Raimund Bleischwitz - Academic Steering Board
Raimund Bleischwitz  
Chair in Sustainable Global Resources
UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources
E: r.bleischwitz@ucl.ac.uk
Iris Chiu - Academic Steering Board
Iris Chiu 
Professor of Company Law and Financial Regulation
UCL Laws
E: hse-yu.chiu@ucl.ac.uk
Jason Dittmer - Academic Steering Board
Jason Dittmer
Professor of Political Geography
UCL Geography
E: j.dittmer@ucl.ac.uk   
Christian Dustmann - Academic Steering Board
 Christian Dustmann
Professor of Economics
UCL Economics
E: c.dustmann@ucl.ac.uk 
Par Engstrom - Academic Steering Board
 Par Engstrom 
Senior Lecturer in Human Rights
UCL Institute of the Americas
Sarah Hawkes - Academic Steering Board
Sarah Hawkes 
Professor of Global Public Health
UCL Institute for Global Health
E: s.hawkes@ucl.ac.uk
Ilan Kelman - GGI Academic Steering Board
Ilan Kelman
Reader in Risk, Resilience & Global Health
UCL Institute for Risk & Disaster Reduction / UCL Institute for Global Health
E: i.kelman@ucl.ac.uk
Maria Lee - Academic Steering Board
Maria Lee 
Professor of Law
UCL Laws
E: maria.lee@ucl.ac.uk
Caren Levy - Academic Steering Board
Caren Levy 
Professor of Transformative Urban Planning
UCL Development Planning Unit
E: c.levy@ucl.ac.uk
JP MacIntosh - Academic Steering Board
JP MacIntosh 
UCL Institute for Strategy, Resilience & Security
E: j.macintosh@ucl.ac.uk
Mark Maslin - Academic Steering Board
Mark Maslin 
Professor of Climatology
UCL Geography
E: m.maslin@ucl.ac.uk
Kevin Middlebrook - Academic Steering Board
Kevin Middlebrook 
Professor of Latin American Politics
UCL Intitute of the Americas
E: k.middlebrook@ucl.ac.uk
Neil Mitchell - Academic Steering Board
Neil Mitchell  
Professor of International Relations
UCL Political Science
E: n.mitchell@ucl.ac.uk
Avia Pasternak - Academic Steering Board
Avia Pasternak 
Associate Professor in Global Ethics
UCL Political Science
E: avia.pasternak@ucl.ac.uk
Arthur Petersen - Academic Steering Board
Arthur Petersen 
Professor of Science, Technology and Public Policy
E: arthur.petersen@ucl.ac.uk
Nick Phelps - Academic Steering Board
Nicholas Phelps
Chair of Urban and Regional Development
UCL School of Planning
E: n.phelps@ucl.ac.uk
Lauge Poulsen - Thematic Director Global Economy
Lauge Poulsen
Senior Lecturer in International Political Economy 
UCL Political Science
E: l.poulsen@ucl.ac.uk
Claudio Radaelli - Academic Steering Board
Claudio Radaelli  
Professor of Public Policy
UCL Political Scinece
E: c.radaelli@ucl.ac.uk
Ian Scott - Academic Steering Board
Ian Scott  
UCL Grand Challenges
E: ian.scott@ucl.ac.uk
Joanne Scott - Academic Steering Board
Joanne Scott  
Professor of European Law
UCL Laws
E: joanne.scott@ucl.ac.uk
Stephen Smith - Academic Steering Board
Stephen Smith  
Professor of Economics
UCL Economics
E: stephen.smith@ucl.ac.uk
David Tuckett - Academic Steering Board
David Tuckett  
Centre for the Study of Decision-Making Uncertainty
E: d.tuckett@ucl.ac.uk
Lisa Vanhala - GGI Academic Steering Board
Lisa Vanhala  
Reader in Human Rights
UCL Political Science
E: l.vanhala@ucl.ac.uk
Michael Walls - GGI Academic Steering Board
Michael Walls 
Senior Lecturer
UCL Development Planning Unit
E: m.walls@ucl.ac.uk
Albert Weale - Academic Steering Board
Albert Weale  
Emeritus Professor of Political Theory and Public Policy
UCL Political Science
E: a.weale@ucl.ac.uk
Research Collaborators and Honorary Fellows
Andrew Barry - Research Collaborators
Andrew Barry
Chair of  Human Geography
UCL Geography
E: a.barry@ucl.ac.uk
Paul Ekins - Research Collaborators

Paul Ekins
Professor of Resources and Environment Policy
UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources
E: p.ekins@ucl.ac.uk

Aniko Hovarth - Research Collaborators
Aniko Hovarth 
Research Associate
UCL Institute of Education
E: aniko.hovarth@ucl.ac.uk
Peter Low
Consultant DFID
GGI Senior Research Associate
E: peterlow@gmail.com
Saladin Meckled-Garcia - Research Collaborators
Saladin Meckled-Garcia
UCL Institutes for Human Rights
E: s.meckled-garcia@ucl.ac.uk
Nils Metternich - Research Collaborators
Nils Metternich
Reader in International Relations
UCL Political Science
E: n.metternich@ucl.ac.uk
Alex Mills - Research Collaborators
Alex Mills
Prof of Public and Private International Law
UCL Laws
E: a.mills@ucl.ac.uk
Richard Moorhead - Research Collaborator
Richard Moorhead
Chair of Law and Professional Ethics
UCL Laws
E: r.moorhead@ucl.ac.uk
Colin Provost - Research Collaborators
Colin Provost
Associate Professor in Public Policy
UCL Political Science
E: c.provost@ucl.ac.uk
Alan Renwick - Research Collaborators
Alan Renwick
Deputy Director
UCL Constitution Unit
E: a.renwick@ucl.ac.uk
Andrea Rigon - Research Collaborators
Andrea Rigon
UCL Development Planning Unit
E: andrea.rigon@ucl.ac.uk
Mike Seiferling - Research Collaborators
Mike Seiferling
Lecturer in Public Finance
UCL Political Science
E: m.seiferling@ucl.ac.uk
Prasoon Sharma
GGI Honorary Fellow
UCL Political Science
E: prasoon.sharma.18@ucl.ac.uk
Michael Shattock - Research Collaborators
Michael Shattock
Visiting Professor
UCL Institute of Education
E: m.shattock@ioe.ac.uk
Tristan Smith - Research Collaborators
Tristan Smith
Reader in Energy and Shipping
UCL Energy Institute
E: tristan.smith@ucl.ac.uk
Claudia Sternberg - Research Collaborators
Claudia Sternberg
Principal Research Fellow
UCL European Institute
E: c.sternberg@ucl.ac.uk

Paul Tucker
Chair of the Systemic Risk Council
GGI Honorary Senior Fellow