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Registration is now open for this year's UCL Global Citizenship Programme, which takes place from 31st May-10th June

First and second year students can register for the Grand Challenges courses on this page using the form below.

There are links to register for the Pathways courses at the bottom of this page. Undergraduates in their second year and above, and taught postgraduates, can register for these courses.

All courses are free to take part, but you may need to pay a small deposit to secure your place for Employability and Enterprise.

Before choosing which option to sign up for, take a look at the Grand Challenges courses and the practical, vocational strands to see which one interests you the most. 

If you have any questions, get in touch at

Grand Challenges

First and second year undergraduates can sign up using the form below for one of six UCL Grand Challenge themed courses. Details on each option are available from the left-hand side of this page.


Follow the links below to sign up for Enterprise, Voluntary Sector, Employability and Active Citizenship. These are open to second year undergraduates and above, and taught postgraduates.

Registration is now open. All options are free to take part, but you will need to pay a deposit to secure your place on Enterprise and Employability - this will be refunded when you take part.

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Why take part?

Taking part in the UCL Global Citizenship Programme will not only enrich your time at UCL as an undergraduate, but also provide skills, experience and connections to boost your career beyond graduation.
From experience simply of working in a group of students from different disciplines and backgrounds, to gaining experience of volunteering in a local charity or learning how successful businesses prosper, there is something for all students to gain.

Broaden your network beyond students in the same classes as you, and meet alumni and business people who can give you advice on your career options.

See the bigger picture by studying a broad topic from many different perspectives. How does a student from engineering view a problem different to an art historian?

Learn extra skills to take back to your degree programme or to the workplace - from presentation skills to reading a set of accounts, these new skills will look great on your CV.

Develop a professional edge so you stand out when applying for jobs. With participation recorded on your HEAR, employers will know you made the extra effort to take advantage of all UCL has to offer.

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