Key Benefits


Why should I take part?

Taking part in the UCL Global Citizenship Programme will not only enrich your time at UCL as an undergraduate, but also provide skills, experience and connections to boost your career beyond graduation.

There are many reasons to sign up for the UCL Global Citizenship Programme – not least because it’s fun, and you get to spend two weeks working with new friends from across UCL. Everyone who has taken part so far would recommend that new students sign up too. Here's why:



On the Global Citizenship Programme you will work with staff and students from across the university with whom you can exchange ideas and expertise, as well as networking with businesses, charities and community groups. It’s a great way to expand your horizons and work collaboratively with like-minded people to make a difference to the world. 



The Global Citizenship Programme will put your degree into a wider context, helping you understand the value of working across disciplines to address complex global problems. Linked to UCL’s Grand Challenges, you will find yourself exploring the same issues as UCL’s world-leading researchers, and coming up with solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.



All three years of the Global Citizenship Programme will build on existing skills and provide opportunities to learn new ones. Through a range of hands-on workshops, skills sessions and team projects looking at real-life scenarios, you will complete the Programme not only with a greater understanding of global problems, but equipped with the academic and professional skills required to address them. 



Working on projects with students from other disciplines you will develop key communication and collaboration skills necessary for success in any career. You will stand out from the crowd to potential employers with a record of participation on your HEAR and a wealth of experience from all parts of the programme to talk about at interviews. 

Boost your CV

Use your experience

It's the experience you get on the UCL Global Citizenship Programme that will really help your CV stand out from the crowd. 

Small group project work helps you demonstrate not only teamwork and time management, but with the focus on interdisciplinary groups, you can show the ability to contribute your expertise to colleagues where needed.

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