UCL Global Citizenship Programme


Information for staff

Staff participation brings diverse expertise to the UCL Global Citizenship Programme.

Develop a strand

The Global Citizenship Programme strands give students the chance to engage with some of our most pressing global problems. We encourage the submission of ideas for new strands, particularly those linked to UCL Grand Challenges.

Each strand on the Programme consists of the following elements:

  • Introductory event (Autumn term second half)
  • Term time programme: up to 4 teaching sessions of 2 3 hours (Spring term)
  • Weekend Challenge: two days (up to 6 hours each) of work during a weekend at the end of the Spring term (dates to be confirmed each year)
  • 1-week Summer School: 5 days (up to 6 hours each) of intensive work during last week of Summer term (June dates to be confirmed each year)

We’re looking for ideas for a strand that will:

  • Be suitable for undergraduates and taught postgraduates learning together
  • Accommodate up to 100 students split into small groups of 12 – 15 students, particularly for the Weekend Challenge and 1-week Summer School
  • Run for 3 years in the first instance, with the option to refresh and extend for a further 3 years
  • Reflect UCL’s strategic priorities particularly around sustainability and global citizenship

This is an excellent opportunity to develop research-based, multidisciplinary teaching and engage with UCL’s wider commitment to global citizenship.

Other benefits of participating include:

  • An opportunity to try out new concepts, subjects or teaching methods with students. For example, the Bartlett's Development Planning Unit (DPU) launched its first undergraduate module, developed out of a strand of the UCL Global Citizenship Programme.
  • A chance to promote, i.e. provide a taster for, your postgraduate teaching courses to undergraduates and encourage them to apply.
  • Valuable opportunities for teaching experience for your PhD students.  

Support and funding will be available in the form of:

  • Buy-out of one academic lead for time to develop, prepare and revise the strand, equivalent to one course unit of teaching
  • Cost of a Project Manager, who will be responsible for the logistical aspects of the strand, including liaising with the central team on room allocations, brochure content and assigning students to groups
  • Cost of PGTAs to help with the delivery of the strand, paid at a central PGTA rate

If you’re interested in developing and leading your own Global Citizenship Programme strand, please contact globalcitizenshipprogramme@ucl.ac.uk