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Spotlight on MBA student Shai Wen

8 March 2024

With a decade in finance and healthcare, Shai Wen hails her MBA Health journey at GBSH as transformative. From launching a chronic disease management project to mastering data-driven management, she's ready to blend finance and healthcare expertise with a global outlook.

Shai Wen

Student Name: Shai Wen

Programme: MBA Health
Nationality: China

Work Experience:10 years of experience with strong Financial, Commercial, Operations and Personnel Management expertise across multiple sectors (Internet/Finance/Healthcare). Entrepreneurial experience coupled with a deep understanding of corporate strategy and operations. Led a team that independently spearheaded the market launch of a chronic disease management project in the healthcare sector in China. Exploring Offline Hospital Data in the Greater Bay Area of China and Project Collaboration.

What was your main motivation for enrolling in the MBA Health Programme at GBSH? 
I have accumulated 10 years of work experience in healthcare and finance. Taking a year off to pursue an MBA has been my best decision ever. It has allowed me to develop my skills and expertise further while also offering the opportunity to interact with talented individuals from around the world, which I consider to be another form of personal advancement.

Could you share any memorable experiences or projects from your MBA programme that have impacted your career?
The "Data-Driven Management" course focuses on data analysis, which I found very beneficial. Learning about data analysis in this course has been particularly helpful for me, especially in terms of future applications in business analysis. It has opened up my perspective on problem-solving through data analysis.

How has your career trajectory been influenced by your time studying at GBSH?
My time studying at GBSH has significantly influenced the trajectory of my career. The rigorous academic curriculum and practical learning opportunities provided by GBSH have honed my abilities. During my studies, I had the chance to interact with industry professionals and engage in social activities, gaining deep insights into emerging trends in the field. Additionally, the supportive and collaborative learning environment fostered at GBSH helped me recognise the importance of inclusivity and cooperation. Overall, my experience at GBSH will be a valuable asset as I re-enter the workforce.

Can you describe any challenges you faced during your job search and how your MBA training helped you overcome them?
Before studying at UCL, I worked in Shanghai for 10 years, with experience in finance and healthcare. I aimed to integrate my expertise in finance and healthcare into roles related to the intersection of finance and the medical sector. The Health MBA programme has been immensely beneficial to me. The year of study has solidified my understanding of finance and healthcare while broadening my perspective.

What value do you feel a UCL MBA Health will add to your career moving forward?
During the MBA learning process, whether completing assignments, giving classroom presentations, or engaging in discussions with classmates, I am encouraged to think more deeply and comprehensively, possessing a global perspective. MBA courses cultivate us to tackle different people and various demands, thus providing the best practical opportunities and solutions to global business issues. This is the most valuable asset for entering the workplace in the future.

How has studying in the UK influenced your career perspective, especially considering the business landscape and opportunities back in China?
Studying in the UK has been a valuable experience that continues to benefit me even as I return to the professional world in China. I rapidly expanded my horizons and had the opportunity to meet many outstanding professors and classmates. As the saying goes, "In the company of three, I find my teacher." This deepened exchange of diverse backgrounds has been a precious asset as I transition back to work in China.

Balancing a demanding MBA with a personal life can be challenging. How do you manage this balance, and what advice would you give to prospective female students?
Studying for an MBA presents a challenge for anyone balancing academic pursuits with personal life. We often encounter demanding study tasks and the need to energise social interactions, necessitating efficient time management. Maintaining physical activity is an excellent way for me to regulate my energy levels. I often run in the early mornings when there are no academic commitments. Engaging in exercise leaves me feeling energised for the day ahead, which is particularly helpful in navigating the demands of academic and personal life. For women, preserving energy and effectively managing time is paramount.

How do you plan to leverage the global alumni network of GBSH for your career advancement? Have you already experienced any benefits from this network?
My best advice to my future classmates would be to network extensively. Engage with diverse individuals, share perspectives, and listen to experiences. Interacting with different people opens up unexpected avenues and yields valuable insights.