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Spotlight on MBA Health student Mingxin Xu

8 March 2024

Mingxin Xu elevates her healthcare management career through our MBA Health. From strategic projects like the Global Health Challenge to advocating for gender equality and leveraging comprehensive career support, her journey exemplifies growth and leadership in healthcare.


Student Profile: Mingxin Xu

Programme: MBA Health
Nationality: China

BE (Bachelor of Engineering) in Pharmaceutical Preparation at East China University of Science and Technology

Master's in Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Administration at Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversityShanghai Jiao Tong University

Work Experience: several years of work experience in the healthcare sector, mainly specialising in strategic partnerships, marketing, and professional education within medical technology companies.

What was your primary motivation for enrolling in the MBA Health Programme at GBSH? 

My main reason for joining the MBA Programme at GBSH was to boost my career in healthcare management. I wanted to gain the skills and connections needed to make a difference in the industry. Recognising the complexities and challenges within the healthcare sector, I sought a programme that would equip me with the necessary skills, knowledge, and network to drive meaningful change and innovation in the industry. The programme was a transformative opportunity to understand healthcare management while honing comprehensive practical leadership skills. The programme's emphasis on global experiences, strategic projects, and networking opportunities aligned perfectly with my career goals, providing a platform to impact the healthcare field worldwide significantly.

Could you share any memorable experiences or projects from your MBA programme that have impacted your career?

One of the most memorable experiences was the Global Health Challenge project. This year, we were divided into three groups and could choose to conduct field visits in three countries: China, India, and Saudi Arabia. The school arranged for us to interact with various local pharmaceutical and healthcare organisations or companies, allowing us to immerse ourselves in learning and experiencing. Over these two weeks, we gained a global perspective and learned about the industry trends in the local healthcare sector. The opportunity to engage with local companies provided more employment opportunities and helped shape our career outlook and develop career plans.

How did your MBA degree from GBSH give you an edge in the competitive job market?
My MBA degree from GBSH gave me a substantial edge in the competitive job market. The rigorous curriculum provided practical skills highly sought after by employers. GBSH's reputation as a leading business school in healthcare demonstrated my commitment to excellence. The global perspective gained from the programme equipped me with a broad mindset, making me stand out among other candidates.

How has your career trajectory influenced your time studying at GBSH?

This project has had a significant impact on my career. Firstly, it has broadened my career options, allowing me to explore various paths within the healthcare industry rather than confining myself to a single track. I am now more open to innovation and experimentation in my career development within the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Moreover, in terms of depth, the project has enhanced my core competencies through courses covering strategy, marketing, data analysis, and policy. This has strengthened my critical thinking skills and made me a more versatile and well-rounded professional. As a result, I am better equipped to navigate the complexities of the future workplace and seize opportunities for growth and advancement.

Could you share the types of career support you received while at GBSH? Were there any particular resources, networking opportunities, or services you found beneficial?

The school has created a lot of employment support. Firstly, one-on-one guidance is available, where we can schedule appointments with mentors to discuss any career-related questions at our convenience. Personalised personality tests are conducted to help us analyse our personality traits and address any career challenges accordingly. There are also many opportunities to schedule consultations with executives from various companies, allowing us to understand the essential skills needed for industry development. Furthermore, throughout the course, many companies are invited to engage with us face-to-face, providing valuable networking opportunities that are hard to come by.

Women Leadership in Health: As a female MBA student, what are your thoughts on women's leadership in the global healthcare environment, and how has the MBA Health programme at GBSH prepared you to take on leadership roles?

As a female MBA student, I firmly believe that women's leadership is indispensable in addressing the challenges in the global healthcare environment, mainly due to the unique perspectives and empathy they bring, essential for fostering innovation, driving positive change, and ensuring inclusivity in decision-making processes.

The MBA Health programme at GBSH has played a pivotal role in preparing me to take on leadership roles. The diverse and inclusive learning environment created by GBSH enables interaction with female students from different cultural backgrounds, encouraging us to voice our opinions and learn from one another. Additionally, the comprehensive curriculum provides a deep understanding of strategic leadership and personnel management. Moreover, the networking opportunities and mentorship provided by GBSH have connected me with inspiring female leaders in the healthcare industry who serve as role models and mentors as I embark on my leadership journey.

Overall, the MBA Health programme at GBSH has equipped me with the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to succeed as a female leader in the global healthcare environment.

Gender Equality in the Workplace: What is your perspective on gender equality in the workplace, especially in leadership positions within your field, and how do you plan to contribute to positive changes in this area?

I firmly support gender equality in the workplace, believing that one's abilities should not be determined by gender. Particularly in leadership positions within the healthcare sector, equal treatment regardless of gender is essential for fostering the industry's prosperity. A diverse and inclusive work environment stimulates diverse viewpoints and innovation within teams.

In my view, there are still many systemic biases and barriers hindering women's advancement in the workplace and leadership roles. Achieving true gender equality requires proactive efforts to address these obstacles. In my career development, I am committed to contributing to this cause. Firstly, I will lead by example by promoting work-life balance and cultivating a culture of inclusivity and respect while advocating for gender-balanced leadership teams. Additionally, I will utilise my influence to drive positive change within the industry, advocating for gender equality and challenging gender stereotypes. I hope to create an environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and succeed, regardless of gender.

Advice for Future Female MBA Students from China: Based on your experience, what advice would you give to future Chinese female students considering an MBA at GBSH or in the UK?

As a female MBA student from China, I would like to share some valuable advice for future Chinese female students considering pursuing an MBA at GBSH or in the UK:

If you have the aspiration, take the first step bravely, knowing that challenges and opportunities coexist. The education system in the UK emphasises student personal development and diverse learning experiences. Actively participating in classroom discussions and extracurricular activities will enrich your learning journey.

Secondly, learn to make the most of resources. GBSH offers abundant resources and support, including one-on-one guidance, career planning services, and industry mentorship. Utilise these resources to seek help and advice, which can quickly elevate your learning and career development.

Thirdly, take the opportunity to engage in multicultural experiences. While enhancing yourself, you can interact with talents and cultures worldwide. Listen to and respect different viewpoints, and communicate with people from diverse backgrounds. These experiences will broaden your horizons and cultivate your cross-cultural communication skills.

The UK is a land of opportunity, especially in the healthcare sector. Use internship and project opportunities provided in the curriculum to actively explore career paths, build professional networks, and lay a solid foundation for future career development.