Global Business School for Health


Study Tour 2024 - Stockholm, Sweden

3 July 2024

Authors: Alaina Saleem, Padhmaja, Rong Wan, Ruoxi Zhang, Sanjana Harlalka

June 10th:
Today was a remarkable day filled with inspiring visits and enlightening experiences. We began our study tour with a visit to KI Innovation, a hub of cutting-edge medical research and innovation. Our group attended a workshop designed to help a startup focused on improving ADHD diagnosis efficiency. The session was highly interactive, allowing us to delve into the nuances of the technology and brainstorm commercial strategies for entering the UK market. I was particularly struck by the dedication and creativity of the team, and the potential impact their innovations could have on countless lives.

In the afternoon, we made our way to SciLifeLab, a national center for molecular biosciences with a focus on health and environmental research. The highlight of this visit was a presentation on precision medicine for lung cancer. The advancements in targeted therapies and the integration of genetic information into treatment plans were nothing short of awe-inspiring. The potential to tailor treatments to individual patients not only promises better outcomes but also exemplifies the future of personalized medicine.

Our final stop was the Eye Hospital, where we had the opportunity to observe state-of-the-art ophthalmic treatments and surgeries. The hospital's commitment to restoring and preserving vision through advanced technology and compassionate care left a lasting impression on me. Witnessing the intricate procedures and the profound impact they have on patients' quality of life was deeply moving.

Overall, today’s visits underscored the incredible advancements being made in medical research and treatment. I left with a profound sense of inspiration and excitement about the future possibilities in healthcare innovation.

June 10

June 11th:
Today's highlight was our visit to IQVIA and the subsequent session at KI Innovation. In the morning, we were hosted by IQVIA, where four knowledgeable employees shared their insights and experiences. This visit provided us with a comprehensive understanding of the current growth trends in the Nordic health market, including policy support, data sources, and various health-related professional knowledge. This experience was particularly special for us as a group because it allowed us to gain firsthand insights into the workings of a leading health technology company and to understand the real-world applications of our academic knowledge. The presentations at IQVIA demystified the processes behind clinical trials, research methodologies, the optimization of data extraction technologies, IQVIA’s next-generation end-to-end BI solution FlexView, customer health-related knowledge, a new technology applied in the healthcare industry—digital twin, and deeper, more detailed knowledge through real case studies of the obesity drug Wegovy.

The afternoon panel discussion at KI Innovation was equally impactful. Hearing directly from startup CEOs about their journeys, especially their pitching strategies, was incredibly enlightening. We absorbed valuable lessons on how to craft compelling pitches to attract investors. The CEOs emphasized the significance of presenting a clear, concise narrative that includes the necessity of the needs (why), the solution, the team behind it, the business strategy, and the financial plan. Additionally, the importance of networking was highlighted, showing us that building relationships is crucial in the startup ecosystem.

Overall, today’s experiences enriched our understanding of the health tech industry and provided practical knowledge and skills that will be beneficial in our future careers.

June 11

June 12th:
Today's highlight was our visit to Care to Translate, a company specializing in a medical translation application. We had the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of their app's features, current market, and customer base. The most memorable part of the visit was the group presentation activity, where we were tasked with proposing solutions to three key questions provided by Care to Translate. Our group came up with two standout solutions. First, we suggested expanding the app’s focus beyond just translation during treatment to include pre-treatment and post-treatment phases, catering to the needs of the private sector market. Second, we proposed using scene animation to demonstrate the app’s usage in UK pharmacies. This approach would not only enhance the app's visibility but also provide practical guidance to users.

These solutions were special because they reflected our collective creativity and strategic thinking, and the process fostered a strong sense of teamwork. Collaborating on this project allowed us to leverage each other's strengths and develop a comprehensive, innovative solution for Care to Translate.

Overall, today’s experience allowed me to apply marketing strategies in a practical context, deepening my understanding of how to address real-world challenges in the healthcare industry. It also broadened my perspective on the potential applications of medical translation technology, inspiring me to think creatively about how to enhance user engagement and satisfaction.

June 12

June 13th:
Today's study tour in Stockholm was both enlightening and enjoyable. We began our morning with a visit to the Nobel Museum. The museum, though smaller than I anticipated, was packed with fascinating exhibits. It was a unique experience to learn about the history of the Nobel Prize and the incredible achievements of past laureates.

In the afternoon, we attended two presentations at AI Sweden. Their work in artificial intelligence was particularly impressive. I was especially intrigued by their large language model, GPT-SW3. AI Sweden developed this model using their supercomputer, which was a remarkable feat given their limited infrastructure and budget. Interestingly, they also utilized language models from OpenAI to supplement their research. It was inspiring to see how they navigated resource constraints to achieve significant advancements in AI.

Our last activity of the day was observing a debate in Stockholm's old town. Unfortunately, the debate was conducted in Swedish, which I don’t understand, so I was unable to grasp the specifics of the discussion. Nonetheless, it was fascinating to witness the local culture and see how debates are conducted in Sweden. The atmosphere was lively, and it was a great opportunity to immerse myself in the local environment, even if the language barrier was a bit of a challenge.

Overall, today was a day full of learning and new experiences. I look forward to what the rest of the study tour has in store.

June 13

June 14th:
Today marked the final day of our study tour in Stockholm. We spent the morning at Stockholm University, where Professor Eric shared his invaluable problem-solving tools and skills with us. His insights were profound, particularly in how to approach complex issues systematically. To solidify our understanding, we engaged in a practical exercise where we presented the shareholders and their exchanged values within the UK healthcare system. This activity was not only challenging but also highly enlightening, offering a clear perspective on stakeholder dynamics.

One of the highlights of the day was learning about the European Health Data Space (EHDS). The concept of a unified data-sharing system across Europe is incredibly impressive. I am a strong advocate for data sharing as it can significantly enhance healthcare outcomes. However, I also recognize the paramount importance of ensuring data quality and proper usage management to maximize its benefits and minimize potential risks.

Reflecting on the past week, I feel deeply immersed in the essence of Stockholm. Navigating the city via its efficient public transportation system has been a breeze, underscoring its smart design. Dining at local restaurants has given me a taste of the culinary culture, and conversations with residents have been particularly enriching. The locals’ relaxed and laid-back attitude towards life is truly infectious, providing a refreshing contrast to the often hurried pace of life elsewhere.

As I prepare to leave, I carry with me not just academic insights, but also a heartfelt appreciation for Stockholm's unique charm and the warm, welcoming nature of its people. This experience has been invaluable, both professionally and personally.

June 14