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Highlights from MBA Health Residential Weekend

16 October 2023

Ambassador Khalid Alderaa highlights the intensive yet collaborative nature of the MBA Health programme. He underscores the importance of the Residential Weekend, a bonding experience for new cohorts to build teamwork and share cultural and academic insights.


Being a student of an MBA Health means that you will be working intensively throughout the year if you are a full-time student and year two if you a part are part-time. MBA Health is about working with your colleagues on various presentations and doing different reports. Knowing this makes the team homogeneous and one of the primary important things for each cohort. Each year before the MBA Health program begins, the newly started affiliate goes to some place and spends a spends-day program called “Residential Weekend”. This is for the students to know each other very well to build a sense of being one team as a whole, in addition to getting early information about some academic details alongside the Global Health Challenge that afferent cultural aspects to be shared by the students among themselves.

Team building activities:

Throughout the MBA Health program, most of the projects are done in team settings. During these two days, students will know each other very well by learning their names and the countries they came from. Also, the working background is one of the things the students know about each other during this Two-day Residential Weekend.

Early access to the set of academic information:

Students come with a specific set of things in mind regarding their program, and they have so many questions. Those overseeing the Residential Weekend know what students might need for the first few days. For that, during the programme, there are many sessions explaining the assessment process and criteria and the things expected to be done throughout the program.

Global Health Challenge Countries arrangements: 

Part of the MBA Health program is to visit various countries to get a sense of the health challenges in that country. At the beginning of the academic year, the program teaching staff put some countries to let the students choose from taking their activity. Students get explanations for each country and what is expected with due dates. 

MBA students holding the Saudi Arabia flag

Cultural differences showing among students:

As part of the Residential Weekend, students share their cultural backgrounds. When the Residential Weekend started, it was Saudi National Day 93! Where Saudi students showed their flag and traditional dress. Also, students from China, India, and Cuba shared their cultural backgrounds and formal attire with a special Rumba Cuban dance performed with a classic Cuban dress.

Students are encouraged to share their cultural differences with their colleagues and the MBA Health faculty.

By the end of the program, the students could know each other to a great level. This made the progression of the program more accessible and more manageable. With a cohort knowing each other very well and having a sense of one family, this would make the team work more effective. Also, students could pick the most important details about their academics.