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UCL GBSH Media Feature: How AI is forcing a rethink for business education

22 May 2023

Dr Radi Haloub, Associate Professor and Programme Lead for MSc Biotech and Pharmaceutical Management has been featured in The European.


The European is a quarterly business publication that covers a broad spectrum of business affairs globally, including, Technology, Energy, Banking and Finance, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Shipping, Aviation, and Executive Education.

"For the time being, the academic community oscillates between Luddism and unabashed tech-utopianism. Many academic journals have banned authors from using ChatGPT, while enthusiastic futurists predict that AI may prove as important as Gutenberg’s printing press. Some of its uses may be more prosaic, but still useful in a field like business education, subject to rapid internationalisation and specialisation. In the case of healthcare management for example, ChatGPT could help researchers and practitioners familiarise themselves with different healthcare practices, markets and cultures" says Dr Radi Haloub, Associate Professor and Programme Lead for MSc Biotech and Pharmaceutical Management.

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