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National Health Executive Media Feature: More choice for NHS patients

19 June 2023

Featured in National Health Executive, Professor Nora Colton, Director of the Global Business School for Health, underscores the potential of the NHS app to increase patient care accessibility while advocating for investment in health tech across the NHS.


Director of the Global Business School for Health at University College London, Professor Nora Colton, commented: “Many of us who had yet to remove the NHS app from our phones following the pandemic were left wondering whether it had a point. It’s good to see that the Government is using existing digital infrastructure and realising that the NHS app has the potential to be very useful for increasing access to care for patients.

"However, investing in health tech should be considered across the NHS - for example, research has shown that clinicians currently spend 70% of their time on admin. Adopting new technologies like AI and automation will give our health workforce the time to care. Alongside increasing productivity, investing in health tech and automation can support staff by freeing up clinicians to focus their time and energy on patients."

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