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What's one thing you’ve learnt since starting studying your programme

6 December 2023

GBSH Ambassador Kareena has conducted interviews with her coursemates, asking them, 'What's one thing you've learned since starting your programme?' Let's hear their insightful answers!


Hello, fellow scholars!

Embarking on the journey at UCL marks a pivotal moment in one's academic and personal growth. Amidst the lectures, late-night study sessions, and vibrant campus life, students undergo a transformational experience. 

With my curiosity piqued, I uncovered the invaluable lessons UCL students have learned since stepping onto this prestigious campus. Whether the realizations are small or big, let's see what UCL students had to say when asked the question, "What's one thing you've learnt since starting studying your programme (the answer can be academic, or more generally about living in London, student life etc.)"

Ready for the answers? Let's go!

"I've learned to be more independent and self-sufficient as a person. The skills and knowledge I'm learning on the programme are helping me groom myself personally every day. Communication and self-management skills are valuable skills I've learned so far."

"I learned that a business plan without a precise strategy can set you back. I want to highlight the importance of leading a team with a clear-cut structured plan that is more likely to make you successful."

"The first few months in the MSc Global Healthcare Management (Leadership) course would probably be the highest learning curve of my life. Not only did I need to stay on top of all the university coursework, but I also had to adjust to a different language and study system. However, if I had only to pick one best learning in this period, leading people with different cultures would be the first one in my mind. Studying for a Master's is such a different experience compared to undergrad. You must work as a team in most modules instead of just focusing on yourself. Although I had work experience before coming to UCL, I've never collaborated with such a diverse, multicultural team. When I look back on it, this experience has helped me understand and respect the different cultures and the way people think, so I can find a way to collaborate with them and achieve a desired outcome."

"I am a foodie. I love food a little too much, I'd say. Since moving to London, one of the exciting things I have learned is not to be shy about meeting new friends from different backgrounds. It's an interesting way to understand others' cultures through food while filling my belly with joy and laughter. Going on weekend tours with international friends to find ingredients for our dishes in the market is always fun. If I were too shy, I would never know the right place to grab the essential herbs. London has so many hidden spots, and I can't wait for winter break for another round of gastronomic delights with my peers!"

And, as someone summed up the one lesson common to us all,

"Always carry an umbrella."

Finally, here are some of my lessons from the last three months:

"Moving to a new city, living alone, staying on top of academics and extracurriculars can be challenging. But there are always added challenges in a city like London- the cold weather, financial overwhelm, and so much more. The one thing I've learned through this journey is resilience. I've learned not to get thrown by inconveniences and to keep my spirits high regardless. I've learned to hold my hand and give myself grace as I go through the process. 

Course-specific, I've learned that skill development doesn't happen overnight- life skills, networking skills, financial skills, or leadership skills. I've also known that showing up is essential for this reason. No matter what. Participate. Practice. Keep at it. Say yes to exciting opportunities and make the most of everything you decide to do. Otherwise, what's the point?"

So, that's all for today.

But my question for you, fellow and future UCL students, is what lessons have you or do you hope to learn during your masters at GBSH?