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Spotlight on MSc student Kareena Rajani: journey and experience

13 December 2023

Discover our MSc student Kareena Rajani's journey. We interviewed Kareena and highlighted her experience at GBSH, providing insight for prospective students.

Kareena Rajani

Student NameKareena Rajani

Programme: MSc Global Healthcare Management (Leadership)
Nationality:  India

Why did you choose to apply for the MSc Global Healthcare Management?

Being a dentist in India at a government-run hospital, I was disheartened by the limitations within the healthcare system that hindered both patients' and doctors' experiences. I firmly believe that we as a society could do better than to have the next available appointment for a patient in pain after three long months. I aimed to improve healthcare systems, thus creating more significant change and positively impacting doctors and patients. With a keen interest in operational efficiency and systems change, UCL's innovative approach, blending business principles with healthcare, perfectly aligns with my aspirations.

The diverse network of mentors, employers, and the wonderfully diverse cohorts at UCL appealed to me. I sought a place that could offer a global perspective on healthcare systems and policies, along with a community of high-achievers. And UCL was precisely that.

Are you interested in a particular area of Global Healthcare Management? If so, why?

I'm particularly fascinated by the integration of digitalization in healthcare and the consequent need for change management. The healthcare industry, centred on people and their well-being, requires a delicate yet transformative change in the digital era. This change can alleviate workforce shortages, long waiting times, and administrative inefficiencies. I'm eager to delve deeply into these areas while honing my leadership and management skills to facilitate smooth transitions.

What value will this programme add to your career moving forward?
This program provides a unique blend of hard and soft skill training. Core modules focus on the economic evaluation of health organizations and ways to quantify and compare different health outcomes. In contrast, other modules aim to develop strategic thinking, navigate dynamics within healthcare organizations, and enhance team management abilities. It serves as my launchpad, equipping me with the tools, skills, knowledge, and mentorship to make a tangible difference in the functioning of healthcare organizations.

What advice would you give to prospective students thinking about applying for the MSc Global Healthcare Management?
The application process can be overwhelming for prospective students and coincide with other work or university commitments. I recommend starting the preparation early. I started preparing my application around July and applied as soon as applications were open in October. If you're sure of the path you want to take, avoid procrastinating your prep work and apply early. This might increase your chances of getting accepted, as acceptances are on a rolling basis.

I'd also advise prospective students to write their application essays themselves- instead of using external tools or artificial intelligence. The process of writing these essays gives you a chance to reflect deeply on the life path you're choosing. It allows you to think about where you have been, what you have done, the skills you gained, the impact you have created, and where you want to go next. This reflection can sometimes be frustrating and confusing; trust me, I felt like I was having an existential crisis when writing my essays. But, in the long run, the clarity you gain is worth it.

Talk me through a typical day in life as a GBSH student.
Every day at UCL is different. Since my time here, no two days have been the same. However, on average, a typical day would have an early start, leisure mornings enjoying a hot coffee in the cool autumn air, attending university lectures, some self-study time, and an extracurricular or social outing. I spend the late evenings honing my cooking skills or doing other chores, which I usually do while listening to a podcast. I immensely enjoy routine elements and the potential for surprises every day.

What have you enjoyed the most since starting at the UCL GBSH?
I've always been sincere about my learning and growth, but the one student dozing off at the back during lectures. But at UCL, I find myself eagerly looking forward to every class. The lectures are engaging and fun; I leave each session feeling mentally enriched. This newfound enthusiasm for learning has been one of my favourite aspects since joining GBSH.