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UCL GBSH Media Feature: The biggest problem facing the NHS and five reasons it has yet to be solved

27 April 2023

Director of the UCL Global Business School for Health Professor Nora Colton's op-ed has been published online in The Telegraph, discussing the staffing problem of the NHS.

media feature

"Nothing good comes easy. Although it’s difficult to get it right, we need a comprehensive workforce plan to save our NHS. At minimum, it must include a funding commitment. Beyond that, we should be more ambitious. At UCL Global Business School for Health, where I teach, we are pushing ourselves to work out what the UK can learn from health systems around the world to make the lives easier for clinicians and patients alike. If done right, the workforce plan could be the start of the path to long-term change." - Professor Nora Colton, Director of the UCL Global Business School for Health.

In this recent op-ed published in The Telegraph, Professor Nora Colton shares the reasons why the NHS faces a chronic staffing crisis, and provided five reasons why the Chancellor's workforce plan has been delayed.

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