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GBSH students share their favourite things about UCL East

6 April 2023

We recently walked around UCL East and asked GBSH students about their favourite parts of the campus.

GBSH students share their favourite things about UCL East

There was an overwhelming number of responses when we walked around UCL East to ask students what their favourite thing was about the campus, and it seems that most students liked the location because the campus is right next to the incredible Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and the iconic London Aquatics Centre.

But that's not all, as our interviewees were also raving about the food they could only find in these locations. It was so much fun to hear their thoughts on this! From mouth-watering food options, there's a ton of deliciousness to be found around UCL East.

Let’s see what the students had to say.

Thoughts on the UCL East Campus:

Helen said:

“As a student studying at UCL East, I found it very convenient to study and live here. There are many different types of classrooms, from large cinema auditoriums to small, round-table discussion rooms to suit the variety of lecture and seminar types. There are also study rooms, sofas, and tables everywhere, as well as a small supermarket and café for food and drink. Upstairs from the classrooms are student residences where students can apply for accommodation. UCL East Campus is also well served by the beautiful Olympic Park and Westfield, a major one-stop shopping mall, as well as a nearby underground station. All in all, UCL East is very comfortable, the staff are friendly, and I am very happy to be studying and living at UCL East.”

CC said:

 “The learning hub and facilities are quite nice!”

Amber said:

"I really like the UCL East Library! It’s quite spacious!"

Thoughts on the area surrounding the UCL East Campus:

One of the GBSH students, we interviewed had been exploring plenty and gave us a ton of recommendations on how to explore UCL East area like a pro:

“Hey there! So, I've come across some cool spots around UCL East that I think you should definitely check out. Firstly, there's Timber Lodge, which is a great spot to chill, go for a run or walk in Hackney Marshes. If you're looking for a nice place to hang out with good food and drinks, Hackney Bridge is the place to be. They've got a food court, a bar, and outdoor area to chill. For all you study bugs, Saint Espresso Cafe & Saint Coffee Roastery is the spot to hit up! And if you're in the mood for a yummy breakfast, you got to check out The Breakfast Club Hackney Wick. Lastly, if you're up for a couple of beers, The Cow at Westfield is the perfect spot. Have fun exploring!”

Ashley said:

“I really like how its right next to the London Aquatics Centre!!”

Feham said:

“I love that there are so many halal food options nearby that one can explore! I always end up hitting up the Westfield mall because it’s so near! Plus, the library's big screen that you can hook up your laptop to is pretty sweet!"

Doug said:

“My absolute favorite combo is hitting up the Olympic pool and then grabbing a chicken fajita panini. But here's the thing, the panini isn't always available, and I often end up having to settle for a subpar tuna melt instead."

Dilin said:

“What I like the most is the spacious and clean environment with the world's largest slide next to the pitch and of course the sports field!”

We hope that you have enjoyed hearing what some of our students have had to say about UCL East and we look forward to seeing you visit the campus and surrounding areas to explore this for yourself!