Articles by Geraldine Horan

  • Forthcoming: 'Political and gendered discourses: women's language in National Socialism'. In: Geraldine Horan/Nils Langer/Sheila Watts (eds), Landmarks in German Linguistics, Frankfurt/Main: Peter Lang.
  • 2007, 'Er zog sich die "neue Sprache" des "dritten Reiches" über wie ein Kleidungsstück: Communities of Practice and Performativity in National Socialist Discourse'. In: Linguistik online, 30/1. (http://www.linguistik-online.de/30_07/).
  • 2007, ‘(Un-)Civilized Language: The Regulation of Cursing and Swearing in German through the Ages’. In: Mary Fulbrook (ed) Uncivilizing Processes? Excess and Transgression in German Society and Culture: Perspectives Debating with Norbert Elias, Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2007), pp. 39-68.
  • 2001, ‘Frauenkraft and Mutterwille: Female identity in National Socialist discourse’. In: Maire C Davies/John L Flood/David N Yeandle (eds), ‘Proper Words in Proper Places.’ Studies in Lexicology and Lexicography in Honour of William Jervis Jones, Stuttgart: Hans-Dieter Heinz/Akademischer Verlag, pp. 278-300.
  • 2000, ‘First steps towards the Year Abroad: a multi-media language and culture course’. In: Chris Hall/David Rock (eds), German Studies towards the Millenium, Frankfurt/Main: Peter Lang, pp. 185-205 [with Christian Fandrych].
  • ‘Leaving the classroom behind: A multi-media project preparing students for the Year Abroad. In: King’s English. Journal of the English Language Centre, King’s College London, Vol. 3, Issue 1, 1-10 [with Christian Fandrych].

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