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Terje Trasberg

Terje Trasberg
PhD Student

Email: terje.trasberg.15@ucl.ac.uk
Twitter: @terjetrasberg
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/terjetrasberg


PhD Title: Applying New Forms of Data in Retail Location Analysis

Abstract: Terje’s PhD project addresses the potentialities and challenges of data-driven retail location analysis. The study aims to serve as a proof-of-concept for utilising human mobility related data sources such as pedestrian counts and mobile data, in retail location planning and store performance evaluation. The wider aim of the project is to create a better understating of the factors which contribute to the success of a retail location.

Preliminary stages of the study have involved exploring the dynamics between retail sales, pedestrian flows (= footfall) and the surrounding environment. Further work will look at spatial-temporal patterns of retail dynamics by retail type and evaluate the fit-for-purpose of mobile data for creating data-driven localised consumed profiles. 

The research is conducted within the Consumer Data Research Centre, with data access provided by the Local Data Company (retail units and footfall data) and Huq Industries (mobile data). This study has a strong industry focus and aims to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge of academy and practical know-how of retailers.

Supervisors: Professor James Cheshire, Professor Paul Longley and Matthew Hopkinson (Didobi Ltd).


Terje earned her undergraduate degree in Geography from Salzburg University in Austria and post-graduate degree in Geospatial Analysis from UCL.

After graduating from the undergraduate program, she was awarded a scholarship by the Baltic-American Freedom Foundation, which she used to intern at the Trainings Department at Esri in Redlands, California and at the Cartographic Department at the United Nations in New York. After a year in the USA, she moved back home to Estonia where she worked as a training specialist at AlphaGIS leading the collaboration projects between the industry and educational institutions and promoting the use of GIS at schools. 

She is a keen runner and has been a member of Estonian Triathlon Team in years 2005-2008.