UCL Department of Geography


Valentine Seymour

Valentine is from Kent, UK, and has a varied background in the environmental field, from environmental management, field ecology and aquatic science research through to GIS, Remote Sensing and Social Sciences.

She initially studied Environmental Science (BSc, 2010) and went onto do an MSc in Freshwater and Coastal Sciences (2011), sponsored by NERC, at Queen Mary, University of London.

She is currently doing a PhD working with The Conservation Volunteers, developing a GIS and mapping tool that will enable a more detailed analysis of the impact environmental volunteering has on the individual; how they choose to give their time, how they adjust and develop relationships within their community and how they perceive the quality and importance of the green places around them.

Her research interests include qualitative and quantitative GIS analysis and visualisation, the impact of environmental volunteering on social mixing, social values, and redressing environmental injustice as well as on people’s perceptions, behaviour, health, well-being and motivation.