UCL Department of Geography


Gianfranco Gliozzo

Gianfranco Gliozzo from Catania, Italy, started his education with a Masters Degree in Architectural Engineering. Using his GIS software expertise Gianfranco supported several spatial planning research projects both in Catania and in Wageningen (NL). Afterwards, he attended an MSc in Geographical Information Management and Applications held by four Dutch research institutions.

The research project focuses on the detection of the link between society and the environment. The immaterial links that relate humans to their environment can be traced back using manifestations of care and interest. IT technologies enable us to elicit immaterial feelings through digital place-based footprints. Gianfranco is an EngD Virtual Environments Imaging and Visualization (VEIV) student and his research is supported by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL).

He is interested in the relationship between citizens and their environment. Hence the tailoring of analysis techniques to detect locally grounded knowledge, rooted in material and immaterial volatile elements. Therefore his current research is imbued with spatial and environmental planning and policy, geography, history, linked data, ecology, and ICT.