UCL Department of Geography


Dr Christian Nold

Christian Nold is an artist, designer and researcher working to develop new participatory models and technologies for communal representation. He has written the books ‘Mobile Vulgus’ (2001) and ‘Internet of People for a Post-Oil World’ (2011) with Rob van Kranenburg and edited ‘Emotional Cartographies - Technologies of the Self’ (2009).

He has led many large-scale participatory mapping projects. In particular, his ‘Bio Mapping’ project has been staged in many different countries across the globe with thousands of participants. He has developed experimental currencies, the 'Bijlmer Euro' (2010) and Suomenlinna Kuula (2012) and is releasing the book ‘The Participation Problem - Autopsy of an Island Currency’ this year.

He is completing a PhD in the Extreme Citizen Science Group at UCL, where his research involves following a series of participatory sensing tools and their actor networks as they cross ontological & political boundaries.