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QUEST-GSI Water Resources Workshop

The QUEST-GSI Water Resources Workshop, organised by UCL Geography and funded by the NERC QUEST Programme, provided an opportunity for collaborating scientists from China, South Africa, Brazil and Canada to present and discuss the latest research findings on the impacts of scaled increases in global mean air temperature (1.0ºC to 6.0ºC in 1.0ºC increments) as well as defined climate and socio-economic scenarios (IPCC SRES A1b, A2, B1, B2) on freshwater resources at the basin scale in the Americas, Africa and Asia. Basin-scale results were also compared with outputs from a global hydrological model run at the Walker Institute, University of Reading (UK).

Critically, the workshop also enabled scientists to engage in roundtable discussions of these latest research outputs and their policy implications with stakeholders from WaterAidWorld Wildlife Fund, UNESCO-IHP (FRIEND, HELP, GRAPHIC programmes), Global Water System Project, and UK government departments (DECCDFIDDEFRA). Links to key presentations and messages emanating from the workshop are provided below.

Workshop Key Messages (.pdf)


QUEST-GSI Basin-scale water resources
Projected hydrological change in the Americas
Projected hydrological change in Africa
Projected hydrological change in Asia
Projected global hydrological change