GEOGG055 Rural Matrix

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Peter Jones

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Course Aims
This module introduces students to the biodiversity conservation and agri-environment policies in which many rural biodiversity conservation issues in the UK are framed, with a particular focus on uplands.

Course Content
- Introduce the policy framework for rural conservation, particularly national (England/Wales), European and international policies for biodiversity conservation and European-national agri-environment schemes;
- Outline of particular priorities and challenges of upland conservation;
- Consideration of the different uses in an upland National Park and the issues in reconciling different priorities.

This course is revolves around a five day residential field study in Snowdonia National Park, North Wales, involving input from various Snowdonia National Park Authority Officers. This is preceded by introductory lectures on biodiversity policy, agri-environment and upland conservation issues.

Form of Assessment
Essay (maximum 2000 words) on the prospects for nature conservation in the UK’s uplands, with a particular focus on Snowdonia National Park.

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