GEOG2009 Environment and Society

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Dr P Jones (convenor), Dr S Randalls And Dr S Gustafson

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Brief Course Description
The course introduces you to some of the different ways of conceptualising the relationships between environment and society, exploring how these ways of conceptualising are translated into practice, culture, etc.

Course Aims
The course aims to develop an understanding of how different 'ways of conceptualising' environmental issues influence the ways in which people frame discussions and debates on the relationships between environment and society. You will select one or more topic(s) focused on an important natural feature or environmental issue as a focus for discussions in the four seminars that support the lectures on this module, e.g. natural resources management (fisheries, water, forests, etc), agriculture, climate change, species conservation, transport, pollution, wilderness/rewilding, urban nature/gardening/agriculture. You will keep a ‘connections diary’ of reports from newspapers and other media concerning your topic(s), in which you will consider emerging issues related to your topic and how these issues can be interpreted through different conceptual lenses. These topics will also be the focus for the formative assessment for this module and will provide examples that you should discuss in the exam essays.

Course Content
Business and the environment
Ecological Modernisation
Capitalism versus the environment?
Environmental ethics
Sustainable development
Environmental Governance
Ideas of nature
Imagined environments
Urban nature
Synthesis and exam structure

Method of Teaching
Lectures (10) and seminars (4)

Form of Assessment
GEOG2009 is designed as a reading course with no assessed coursework. Assessment is through a single three hour examination in April/May. As a reading course, students should assume they need to do eight hours reading per week to go alongside the classes, in addition to exam revision.

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