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From dust to dunes, loess and extra-terrestrial geomorphology

15 March 2019

Andrew Warren co-edits update of classic text

From dust to dunes, loess and extra-terrestrial geomorphology

A new, revised and updated edition of a classic text on wind-formed environments, Aeolian Geomorphologywas published in Marchco-edited by Emeritus Professor Andrew Warren, with Professor Ian Livingstone (University of Northampton).

It offers a highly accessible introduction to topics including deserts and coastlines, periglacial and planetary landforms, and even extraterrestrial aeolian geomorphology. The full range of aeolian characteristics are reviewed, including soil erosion and its consequences, continental scale dust storms, sand dunes and loess. The book also explores the importance of aeolian processes in the past, and the value of understanding about aeolian geomorphology for environmental management.

The new edition includes contributions from eighteen experts from four continents. These also demonstrate modern advances in observation, measurement and mathematical modelling. The chapter on sand seas, for example, shows the value of greatly enhanced and accessible remote sensing methods, while the study of active dunes demonstrates improved modern field techniques. Other cases show the power of greatly improved laboratory techniques.