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Is enough ever sufficient?

2 October 2018

Sam Randalls co-edits new book on history of consumption

Is enough ever sufficient?

Just Enough: The history, culture and politics of sufficiency (Palgrave Macmillan), is a new book, co-edited by Dr Sam Randalls, UCL Geography and Dr Mat Ingleby (QMUL School of English and Drama)

It presents a wide-ranging discussion of the different historical and social contexts in which the idea of ‘enough’ has been expressed and its implications for modern debates about sustainability.

Chapters focus on the sufficiency of food, drink and clothing, and how it was interpreted in the later Middle Ages, in Early Modern England and the 19th century, with a concluding section reflecting on modern attitudes towards sufficiency.

Two chapters have particular UCL Geography connections:

  • Dr James Kneale examines debates, still with contemporary relevance, about the definition and measurement of moderate drinking in Britain between 1800 and 1939.
  • Dr Rebecca Collins (UCL PhD, now at Chester) explores how young people today make sense of the apparent contradiction between their potential role as environmental change agents and their continuing interests in the latest fashions and trends.

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