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Geospatial Analysis - A comprehensive guide 2018

31 May 2018

New open access resources available on-line

Geospatial Analysis

A 6th edition has been published of Geospatial Analysis - A comprehensive guide 2018, the open access, free web resource and online ebook by Mike de Smith (UCL Geography PhD), Mike Goodchild (UC Santa Barbara), Paul Longley, with colleagues.

Completely updated, it offers a comprehensive guide to concepts, methods and tools, interactive links, and many practical examples using popular software such as ArcGIS, Idrisi, Grass, Surfer and others

There is also an extended chapter on Big Data and Geospatial Analysis, led by Guy Lansley of the UCL Consumer Data Research Centre, including links to new resources (See the ‘Resources’ menu link on the Spatial Analysis website.

A 60-page extract of the special PDF version of the new volume is available from Spatial Analysis (.pdf).

Printable and non-printable PDF offline versions are also available, and a printed version via Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing service.

A companion Statistical Analysis Handbook, authored by Mike de Smith, has also been updated as a website resource for statistical techniques in the earth, social, medical and other SMT disciplines. A version of this material is available for offline usage by course tutors, with a PDF extract available (.pdf) via the website.