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Geomorphology and Society: past present and future

4 May 2018

Inaugural Vienna meeting of new Commission and Working Group

Geomorphology and Society: past present and future

In early April, Professor Jon French participated in the inaugural meeting of a new International Geographical Union (IGU)/International Association for Geomorphology (IAG) Joint Commission and Working Group on Geomorphology and Society.

The Group met at the University of Vienna to discuss the relationship between geomorphology and people, and its dynamics over time.

We now live in a world in which the relationship between the environment and society has been fundamentally changed by the nature and scale of the human footprint on the planet.

The joint Commission/Working Group will therefore develop an international network of scientists with common interests in the complex relationship between landforms, landform processes and people.

It is hoped that this will stimulate research, teaching and outreach in areas such as landform evolution, geohazards, geoheritage, geomorphological responses to (and evidence for) environmental change, and the development of geomorphology, in ways that build gateways to policymakers and societal engagement.