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Fifty years after ‘The Prague Spring’

29 May 2018

Vivid photographs of events by UCL geographer Frank Carter

Fifty years after ‘The Prague Spring’

2018 is the fiftieth anniversary of the brief period of liberalisation in communist Czechoslovakia known as ‘The Prague Spring’.

This culminated in August 1968, when the Soviet Union and other members of the Warsaw Pact invaded the country to halt the reforms.

At the time, Dr Frank Carter, a young UCL historical geographer, was collecting research material in Prague and Pilsen, and returned with a vivid series of images of the invaders, the graffiti responses of Pilsen’s population, and contemporary press and other protest publications.

Some of this material forms the basis of an exhibition to mark these events, The Prague Spring through the Lens of Frank Carter.

With English translations, it gives a vivid impression of life in Pilsen during the invasion.

The exhibition is being launched as part of the UCL Festival of Culture 2018 at 4 pm on 4th June 2018, and will continue for the week, until 8th June, in the UCL SSEES Building, Taviton Street, Masaryk Room, 4th Floor.