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Celebrating Imaginative Cartography

12 January 2018

North American award to James and Oliver for “inspiring” atlases

Celebrating Imaginative Cartography

The North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS) has announced that collaborators James Cheshire (UCL Geography) and Oliver Uberti are this year’s winner of the biennial Corlis Benefideo Award for Imaginative Cartography.

The award is named after the central character in Barry Lopez's short story, “The Mappist”. It is intended to recognize imaginative cartography and celebrate work that simultaneously respects the qualities of cartographic excellence and imaginatively pushes the boundaries of what cartography can do.

The award committee reviewed a wide variety of nominations and decided that James and Oliver's body of work, including London: The Information Capital (2014) and Where  Animals Go (2017), represents,

"a combination of on-the-ground, fact-based cartographic realism with eloquent and poetic dialogue about interactions with place".

They also note that,

"Through an appreciation of art and craft, [this] delightful series of atlases consistently engages and inspires the reader in the places and stories the atlases celebrate."

James and Oliver will accept their award and give the opening keynote at the NACIS Annual Conference next October in Norfolk, Virginia.