UCL Department of Geography


Olly van Biervliet, MSc Aquatic Science

Environmental scientist Olly van Biervliet is a Project Officer and Manager at South East Rivers Trust.

29 September 2022

He says the quality of supervision at UCL is excellent and credits the Department for equipping him with valuable skills for work.

“I chose to study my Masters in Aquatic Science at UCL because it is a world-class research institution with welcoming and friendly staff. I looked at other, similar courses, but UCL edged it due to the top-notch supervision.

“The Programme offered a fantastic breadth across the subject area of aquatic science, along with good field trip locations. I learnt valuable skills including, GIS, data analysis, hydrology and biodiversity.

"The combination of skills and sound scientific knowledge helped me to pioneer new techniques, from monitoring complex urban pollution with low-cost proxies to project managing the installation of a full-scale, novel treatment wetlands for a variety of pollution mitigation methods."

Work experience

“My tutor helped me to find two jobs (Visiting Lectureship and my first Rivers Trust job) before I had even left the course.

"I managed to combine both work and study, which was really valuable when applying for full-time jobs when I graduated. The networks I made whilst studying were important for my career as an environmental scientist.”