Gender & Sexuality Studies


Gender and Sexuality Studies

Our programmes explore historical and contemporary changes in gender relations, sexuality and identity within social, cultural and political life.

Gender and Sexuality Studies at UCL is based at the Centre for Multidisciplinary and Intercultural Inquiry (CMII) but our research and teaching draws on the unique breadth of cross-faculty disciplines for which UCL is renowned.

Gender, Society and Representation MA 

This multidisciplinary programme offers a wide-ranging introduction to gender studies at postgraduate level.

We offer students a genuine opportunity to develop their own interests through classes and courses in a mix of disciplines: from development policies, laws and anthropology, to literary scholarship, history and geography.

Gender & Sexuality Studies MPhil/PhD

UCL is home to a vigorous research community in gender, sexuality and related issues. The MPhil/PhD programme brings together a wide range of expertise from across departments. A research degree in Gender & Sexuality Studies is a good preparation for a broad variety of posts in both the private and the public sector, including academia.


Current and recent research projects include:

  • The Portrayal of Queer Identities on Mainstream Television: How Visual Literacy Redefines Representations of Gender Politics
  • On the Foreskin Question: Circumcision, Ideology, and the Problems of "Intact" Membership
  • Woman Without the Maternal Within: The Critical Potential of Reading and Writing about Crisis of Shifting Concepts of the Maternal
  • Out of Soho, Back into the Closet: Re-Thinking the London Gay Community


Core Academic Staff
Teaching Staff Associated with the Programme
  • James Agar, SELCS
  • Judith Beniston, SELCS
  • Jo Cook, Anthropology
  • Hans Demeyer, SELCS
  • Alison Diduck, Laws
  • Charlotte Faircloth, Institute of Education
  • Mechthild Fend, History of Art
  • Jane Fenoulhet, SELCS
  • Kate Foster, SELCS
  • Jane Gilbert, SELCS
  • Mairéad Hanrahan, SELCS
  • Philippa Hetherington, School of Slavonic and Eastern European Studies
  • Maki Kimura, Political Science
  • Caren Levy, Bartlett Development Planning Unit
  • Vivienne Lo, China Centre for Health and Humanity
  • Simon Lock, Science and Technology Studies
  • Deborah Martin, SELCS
  • Bob Mills, Art History
  • Richard Mole, School of Slavonic and Eastern European Studies
  • Hélène Neveu Kringelbach, SELCS 
  • Jenny Parkes, Institute of Education
  • Kamna Patel, Development Planning Unit
  • Jane Rendell, Bartlett School of Architecture
  • Annie Ring, SELCS 
  • Jessica Ringrose, Institute of Education
  • Rachel Rosen, Institute of Education
  • Victoria Showunmi, Institute of Education
  • Ulrich Tiedau, SELCS
  • Elaine Unterhalter, Institute of Education
  • Steven Vaughan, Laws
  • Julian Walker, Bartlett Development Planning Unit