Research at UCL

“UCL is London’s research powerhouse, with a commitment to enhancing the lives of people in the capital, the UK and around the world. Our academics have breadth and depth of expertise across the entire range of academic disciplines. Individually, they expand our understanding of the world; collectively and collaboratively, they deliver analysis that addresses the major challenges facing humanity.”
– Professor David Price, UCL Vice-Provost (Research)

Research at GEE

GEE is a vibrant research department comprising some 200 members of staff, research fellows and PhD students. Our research is supported by extensive external funding from research councils and charities.

Research Themes

Research in the Department falls under a number of overlapping themes. Please click on the headings below to explore our work and the research interests of individual staff members.

right_arrow.gif Biodiversity and Environmental Biology
right_arrow.gif Biology of Ageing
right_arrow.gif Computational Biology
right_arrow.gif Evolutionary Genetics
right_arrow.gif Evolution and Development
right_arrow.gif Human Genetics and Human Evolution
right_arrow.gif Systems Biology

Research Facilities

In their work, GEE researchers can rely on the services of a number of in-house facilities, both within GEE and within UCL. These comprise state-of the art genomics analyses centres and high-performance computing, as well as a field station.

Research Centres

GEE is home to and member of a number of intra- and inter-institutional research institutes and centres. These organisations regroup researchers with shared interests in ageing, human genetics, mathematical modelling or ecology and evolution within GEE, UCL and the wider London academic landscape.

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