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Can Large MPAs Protect Tuna and Sharks?

Thu, 04 Jun 2015 14:04:29 +0000

a guest blog by David Curnick, written for the 2015 Write About Research Competition. With a global human population of over 7 billion it is becoming ever more important to manage our natural resources effectively. For centuries, the oceans have been seen as an endless bounty, ripe for harvesting. However, this simply isn’t the case […]

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Analysis by Dr Oliver Davis and collaborators show the correlation between reading and mathematics ability at age twelve has a substantial genetic component

10 July 2014

The analysis published in Nature Communications, show, using twin and genome-wide analysis, that there is a substantial genetic component to children’s ability in reading and mathematics, and estimate that around one half of the observed correlation in these traits is due to shared genetic effects (so-called Generalist Genes). Thus, the results highlight the potential role of the learning environment in contributing to differences in a child’s cognitive abilities at age twelve.

See UCL News for more background details and information.

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