Anti-Ageing: Health or Beauty?

Tue, 07 Jul 2015 13:52:48 +0000

a guest blog by Jorge I. Castillo-Quan, written for the 2015 Write About Research Competition. If you had not heard of the term anti-ageing you have not noticed spam emails, television advertising, and articles in magazines. The term anti-ageing has definitely permeated our society. Most scientists struggle to explain to their non-scientist friends what their […]

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Congratulations to PhD student Alison Cotton on her publication in Heredity

14 April 2014

The results of PhD student Ali Cotton's research into the presence of meiotic drive and male eyespan, a sexually selected ornamental trait in wild-type stalk-eyed flies (Teleopsis dalmanni), have been published in Heredity (Heredity (2014) 112, 363–369

Ali's PhD Supervisor, Prof Andrew Pomiankowski talks with Geoff Marsh, about the results and their significance.  Listen to the podcast.

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