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PREDICTS Project: Global Analysis Reveals Massive Biodiversity Losses

Thu, 21 May 2015 14:44:08 +0000

The changing climate is only one of a myriad of pressures faced by global biodiversity – we are also changing habitats and altering land-use on an unprecedented scale. The first global analysis published from the PREDICTS project reveals the striking global effect of land-use change on local biodiversity patterns, and highlights the importance of future […]

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Prof Kate Jones's and the Bat Detective project launched plus interview on BBC World

3 October 2012

3 October 2012

Kate Jones's research on bat echolocation is part of the Zooniverse Project which is a collection of web-based Citizen Science projects that use the efforts and abilities of volunteers to help researchers deal with the flood of data that confronts them. 

Read more about Bat Detective launched today and featured on UCL's research page:

Bat Detective

Bat Detective Science Team

BBC News

4 October 2012

Bat Detective features on BBC World  (NB scroll forward to approx to 21:30 and see Robin Freeman being interviewed!)

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