Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit


Fellowship Frequently Asked Questions

How much interaction should there be between the Gatsby Unit and SWC?

The fellowship is intended to bridge the gap between theoretical/computational and experimental neuroscience, therefore we strongly encourage maximum interaction between the two. By having mentors at both SWC and the Gatsby Unit, you will catalyse maximum interaction, attending both SWC and Gatsby events and building strong working relationships with colleagues across SWC and the Gatsby Unit.

Does the fellowship need to be based at the Gatsby Unit or SWC, or can it be based elsewhere? 

The fellowship should be based at either the Gatsby Unit or SWC, and it should fit with our research vision. 

Does the fellowship allow me to collaborate with other UCL research group(s)?

While the fellowship is based at the Gatsby Unit/SWC, you are encouraged to build relationships and foster collaborations with colleague at other UCL departments where appropriate. 

Can I spend a period of time in a research group abroad or outside of UCL? 

One key objective of the fellowship is to build strong interactions between the Gatsby Unit and SWC, therefore most of your time should be spent based here. It is possible to spend some time in a research group abroad, but this will need approval from your mentors, and a strong case must be made as to why you need to spend time abroad. 

When is the latest I can take up the fellowship if I get an offer? 

The fellowship must be taken up within one year of an offer.

What does the fellowship include?

The fellowship provides your salary and cover reasonble research and travel costs. Equipment costs will be considered on an ad hoc basis and must be approved by your mentors.