The Gashaka Primate Project


Eco-Tourism: Selling Nature's Beauty


The park has outstanding potential as a destination for tourists. This will raise revenue and at the same time create attention for the need to protect this unique wilderness. The management recently upgraded a tourist camp in Serti, and the park boasts an excellent guidebook.

Our project is expanding the efforts made to attract local and foreign tourists. We raised funds to erect simple campsites, train villagers as guides, start a souvenir industry, and advertise the park via this website. We also have tagged 50 km of trails through some beautiful parts of forest, and it is always a highlight for visitors to accompany researchers or assistants to view primates.

Tourist highlights: Mountain hiking - Game viewing - Camping at beauty spots - Sports-fishing - Tracking monkeys or a group of the elusive chimpanzees.

Community Outreach: Improving Living Standards

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Nature conservation will work better if villagers in the vicinity support the National Park's mission. Our project instills and re-enforces in local people a sense of pride about the wonders of nature at their doorstep - not least, because visitors come from afar to this remote place. We also provide locals with tangible incentives to work towards protecting wildlife.

Improving public health:

Empower the local economy:

Community Outreach: Influencing Local Attitudes


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