Parents and Educators

What is the project studying and what are possible benefits?

Being able to produce and comprehend a growing number of words is foundational for scholastic and academic success. However, research has yet to uncover how our experience of the world influences vocabulary acquisition. Our project investigates how motor/visual experience with objects and gestures may support word learning in childhood. This information will help us understand how different experiences support word acquisition and enhance development of tools for vocabulary acquisition in children.

family in a field

Who can participate?

Children enrolled in the study must

  • be between 2.5 and 4 years of age
  • speak English as their first language

Parents will be asked to provide written consent before their child may take part in the study.

For how long?

The study involves a maximum of 3 separate sessions lasting approximately 30 minutes each. Parents and teachers will be consulted to agree most convenient times for carrying out the study.


Study sessions may be carried out at the child's nursery school or at his/her home during dedicated visits, depending on individual requests made by parents and educators to respect minimal disruption of home and/or school activities.

Are there any risks of discomforts?

We do not anticipate any risks to individuals taking part in this study. Children are also welcome to stop participating if they do not wish to continue. Most children enjoy participating in our sessions as they are structured as forms of play.