What we spend and how we spend it

UCL Publication Scheme

This section provides financial information relating to projected and actual income and expenditure, procurement, contracts and financial audit.

Funding / income

Budgetary and account information

Financial audit reports

  • The independent auditors report is available in our annual report. Includes archived copies of our annual report since 2000:

Capital programme

Information about major building projects which are either agreed by UCL and in the design stages or are in construction is provided by the Major Projects schedule.

Financial regulations and procedures

Staff pay and grading structures

Remuneration of higher paid staff is contained within the Annual reports and financial statements.

Register of suppliers

Procurement and tender procedures and reports

Details of UCL Quotation, Tenders and Contract rules are contained in Financial Regulations 82 to 90. Rules for the Ordering of Goods and Services are covered in regulations 91 to 97. These regulations set out the official framework.

Details of contracts that are of sufficient size to undergo a formal tendering process. These are only available in hard copy from: Freedom of Information Officer.

Please note: also available as an Email attachment.

Research funding

UCL is a leading Research and Development Institution. Research is funded from various sources – industry, funding councils and charities. The research is carried out under contracts that are private between UCL and the sponsor of the research, and therefore not open to public scrutiny. Aggregate information is presented on a quarterly basis to the Research Strategy Committee and will be open to public scrutiny on the same conditions as the Committee Minutes.

Financial, Business or Research information which is not listed in the Publication Schedule will not be available if it is not in the financial, business or research interests of UCL to release it.

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