Process for returning goods

Sometimes when a supplier supplies goods they may need to be returned, to return goods there are two main steps:

  • Contact the supplier to ascertain their return of goods process
  • Enter the return of goods on MyFinance

Contact supplier to ascertain their return of goods process

MyFinance does not have facility to communicate to suppliers that goods have to be returned.  

As the process is different for each supplier you should contact the supplier to ask them what the procedure is for returning goods to them.

Remember to remind them to issue a credit note if the goods are not being replaced with the same item at the same cost.

If the supplier is providing substitute goods then a new PO must be created as we cannot match the substitute item on the PO against the item that is being returned.

Enter return of goods on MyFinance

Depending on the timing the idea is that the goods are marked as returned in iProcurement so that when the invoice is received AP cannot pay for them without contacting the department as the line goes on hold because goods have not been receipted (effectively the return of goods process reverses the receipt of goods). 

Obviously, this is dependent on when the invoice is received and when the return of goods is recorded in MyFinance.  If the invoice is paid before the return of goods is processed in iProcurement the supplier should be contacted to send a credit note if they are not replacing the goods returned with the same item(s). 

If you have not receipted the goods on MyFinance then you do not need to the Return of Goods because there is no receipt of goods to reverse.

Return of Goods is done in iProcurement via the Receipt of Goods tab - please see the document below for a step by step process with screenshots.