Supply of Education

The supply of education is exempt.

UCL does make supplies other than education and research and these may be standard rated at 20%.

Exemption for Education

Education means any course of instruction or study taking place over any period of time, which is intended to further the knowledge and/or skills of the recipients. Education can be delivered in the form of lectures, tutorials, seminars, conferences, symposia and holiday courses.

All supplies of education and vocational training made by 'eligible' bodies are exempt.
UCL is an eligible body.

The provision of examination services by an eligible body, including the setting and marking of examinations, the setting of educational or training standards, the making of assessments and other services provided with a view to ensuring that standards are maintained are exempt.

Goods and services provided by an eligible body that are closely related to a supply of exempt education will be exempt provided the supplies are for the direct use of the students receiving the education. Closely related supplies include classroom materials, accommodation, catering, transport and field trips.

Supplies made by UCL to another eligible body which is itself providing education, so long as the supplies are for the direct use by its students, are also exempt from VAT.
Almost any course run by UCL will be deemed to be education.
Education provided by UCL Consultants Limited which is a non-eligible body is standard rated. Examination services provided by UCL Consultants to an eligible body however are exempt.