Bicycle Allowance

In the 1999 Budget, the Chancellor introduced a new tax relief in respect of business cycle travel. UCL's Financial Regulations allow for reimbursement of costs, only where there is clear evidence of expenditure. However, the new tax regulations allow for an individual to claim up to 12 pence per mile for business mileage, when settling their personal tax position.

For the majority of staff, the new allowance may be of little interest but there are some members of staff, who regularly use bicycles for business travel and are keen to obtain UCL's support in this matter. The attached certificate has, therefore, been produced to enable these individuals to claim the allowance against their personal tax liability - all that is necessary is for details of travel to be recorded on the form, and for this to be certified by the Head of Department. Individuals should submit claims to the Inland Revenue with their annual tax returns.

The Certificate is available as a Word or PDF document for downloading and printing.


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